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10 best mountain bikes for wheelies

Wheelies are cool but harder to pull but bikes’ choice can make them easier well mountain bikes are THE BEST for wheelies the higher tires give you much more room for errors and wider tires provide you with much better traction.

That being said BMX and DJ bikes are well known for the craft as well due to their shorter cage but are hard to manage as a beginner because they provide very little room for error and you are stuck in a loop and not accomplish anything.

Here are the 10 best mountain bikes for wheelies that won’t break your pocket and help you learn much more faster.

  • Cannondale Trail 8 Bike
  • Co-Op Cycles DRT 1.1
  • Marin Palisades Trail 2
  • Marin Eldridge Grade 2
  • Co-Op Cycles DRT 1.0
  • Cannondale Trail SE 3
  • Mongoose Tyax Comp 29er
  • Co-Op Cycles DRT 1.2

How I made this choice :

Here are the factors that I considered in this list and what I looked for when I researched about them.

  • Price 

Price can be a huge turn off you had a general-purpose bike that could perform daily life tasks you could enjoy the trails on them and also of course do wheelies as well.

All of the bikes are XC/hardtail mountain bikes they are not so pricey but still, they are not lower quality or in any way less competitive or equipped with lesser parts.

  • Specs

All of the bikes are equipped with modern-day geometry good tires through-axle and the frame is aluminum alloy as well.

  • Wheel size

Wheel sizes are different but mostly I tried to choose 27.5 and a 29er but still, I would prefer a 27.5 that is more comfortable and better suited for wheelies also it is much more stable than 29er, you could go for 29er if you are really tall and you don’t feel comfortable with a 27.5inch tire but my best recommendation would be 27.5inch tire for a wheelie.

  • Frame geometry

Almost all of the mountain bikes released in recent years are equipped with a well thought C geometry that helps provide a comfortable ride and are more comfortable and stable on the trails,

The stability they provide works wonders for learning wheelies faster.

  • Replaceable Parts(if damaged)

While learning you are going to break many parts derailleur hanger and maybe other things that are a part of the learning as well, I tried to do a thorough search as to you may not get stuck to some irreplaceable parts and keep wondering what to do now and where to go from here.

  • trail worthiness

All of these bikes are good for wheelies trails and of course daily life usage they are really great for the trails and can perform as best as other tail bikes or any mountain bikes can do.

  • Weight difference

I tried to go for as less of weight as I could less weight can help you wheelie better and not be a burden falling during a wheelie while learning is inevitable but the bike should not be a burden to you that’s why it is better if the weights lower

  • daily life use

All of the bikes are good for daily life use as well hardtails are better for roads since they are much lighter and can perform way better on the roads than the full suspension bikes.