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10 Best Mountain Bike Gear Bags | For Long rides

Mountain bike gear bags are used to carry the useful and essential stuff with you on long rides. gear bags are well manufactured, light-weighted, and budget-friendly. gear bags are different from the backpacks and the saddlebags because these carry a large amount of necessary stuff as compared to the backpacks and the saddlebags. mostly the riders carry the important thing with them. it is great to carry because of the stuff that is important to carry with you.

The stuff you can normally carry in a gear bag :

  • Air pressure pump
  • Emergency tool kit
  • keys (your car and house)
  • your wallet
  • your cell phone
  • A small medical first aid kit contains a bandage and other things for safety in case of any crash or accident on the trails.
  • Snacks
  • A medium-sized bottle of water
  • An extra valve of the tire
  • Contact link chain tool
  • Levers
  • Tubeless sealant
  • Power bank to charge cell phone
  • Black glasses for sunlight protection
  • Rain jacket if the weather is alarming.
  • derailer hanger
  • Knee and elbow pads

As you know all of these things require a large space for packing so gear bags are used to pack them. gear bags are mostly used for long journey travels like you are going on a ride for a week or more than a week rather than if you are riding for a day or 4 to5 hours then you cannot need all of these things, you can skip some of these things also the backpacks and the saddlebags are enough to carry a few things for a short interval rides.

Best bike gear bags:

This is an overview of the specs of these bags these are some of the bags that I have used from time to time or by recommendations by some fellow riders.

Although there are thousands of mountain bike gear bags used by the riders with different budget ranges are available in the market, in stock places, and through online stores but the best gear bags which are good for biking  both for men and women are given below:

  • Timbuk 2 quest duffel
  • Topeak Pakgo Gear bag
  • Osprey Trailkit
  • Thule Roundtrip bike duffel
  • Peak Design bag
  • Fox Transition Duffle Bag
  • Ledmark Heavyweight Cotton Canvas Outback Duffle bag
  • Showers Pass
  • Mission workshop Integer
  • NRS High Roll Duffle
  • The north face recon
  • Ogio gear bag

Although these are the 13 best mountain bike gear bikes because everyone’s selection is different from the other. that’s why you can choose the gear bag as you want for yourself after doing research and asking your friends about the gear bag which you are going to buy for yourself.

Timbuk 2 Quest duffel(Medium):

The size of this bag is 27 inches. The weight of the quest duffel is 1202 contains two backpack compression straps to wear on the shoulders which is a big advantage for the riders because it compares with the backpacks. also, it contains a handle strap to grasp and has two pouches up and contains two zip compartments on the inner side of the bag. The dimensions of the medium quest duffel bag are 9.8*22.8*12.2 inches.

it is a waterproof gear bag. it has two side straps for grasping. the shoulder compression straps are removable, you can lock and unlock the strap as you contains a special side compartment for placing the tools.

Topeak Pakgo Gear Bag:

It is one of the strongest rigid surface gear bags with the best quality. The weight of this bag is 1.28kg or 2.82 Ibs. it is waterproof. the inner lining of the bag and the material(EVA foam)used in the bag make it water-resistant. The price of the Topeak Pakgo Gear bag is 107$.

it has two side zip is a high-quality bag with six side pockets to keep everything in the looks different from the other gear bags because of the long durability and well-defined structure. The dimensions of the Topeak Pakgo gear bag are 16.1*12.2*11.8 inches.

Osprey trail kit:

the bearing capacity of the osprey trail kit is 40 is usually small from the other gear bags and easy to contains a compartment at the bottom of the bag and two pockets on both sides of the contains two compression straps for the shoulders. without this, it also contains three other options to grasp.

  • A holding strap on the top of the bag
  • A holding strap on a single side of the bag
  • A holding strap on the bottom of the bag

it was designed for riding and traveling and it is comfortable for wearing, the reason is that it has thin shoulder straps. the side compartments are designed for holding the water bottle. The dimensions of the Osprey Trailkit gear bag are 22*13*11 inches.

Besides this, it has an extra separate bonus compartment where you can put the things, also if your bag is empty you can roll the bag and put it in the isolated part of the bag. you can say that the osprey trail kit provides an extra bonus small compartment separated from the original osprey trail kit gear bag.

The bottom compartment is ventilated through which the air enters inside and outside where you can put the snacks or food which would not destroy for a long time.

The price of the Osprey trail kit gear bag is 96$.

Thule Roundtrip bike duffel:

The price of the Thule roundtrip duffel bag is 129$ and the weight is 1290grams. The size/dimensions of the bag are 67*36*30cm. The capacity of the Thule roundtrip gear bag is 55 contains a large compartment towards the outer surface and also contains tiny straps for the adjustment of the things like air pressure pumps, tools, keys, etc. it also has an inner zip compartment which contains a large space to pack the things and place in it.

Every compartment of the bag is waterproof. the inner structure of the bag is different from the other bags and is classically contains usually 10 to 12 small pouch compartments where you add things differently. it contains two straps for the shoulders.

  •  compartment for the helmet.
  •  compartment for the shoes (size 10)
  • compartment for the sunglasses.

The size of these compartments is small and large so that each and everything will fit in them precisely.

Actually, it will create a little bit of difficulty for you while carrying on the trails because it is large in size from the other gear bags. Also, the compartment of the shoes is will cause trouble if you wear shoes of larger sizes. (above 10)

Peak Design Travel Duffel:

The weight lifting capacity of this bag ranges from 35L to 65L and the weight is 2.1 kilograms. the material used in this bag is is available in two colors black and sage is a modern-looking gear bag with two compression straps through which you can pick the bag by hands also you can wear the bag on the shoulders. it also contains an extra compression strap for the shoulder which is long enough to carry the bag on the left or right side of your body for providing quick access. The zippers are water-resistant. the dimensions of the peak design gear bag are 9*22*13 inches.

it contains an inner zip compartment fully ventilated. The leather is used in the manufacturing of the sage green peak design travel duffel. the PD is made up of aluminum metal. the sage green color peak design is more long-lasting as compared to the black colored peak design. the length of the shoulder compression straps increases or decreases depending on your shoulder heights. the straps are attachable and detachable. The price of a 35L peak design travel duffel gear bag is 115$.

Mission workshop integer:

It is basically a camera holding bag with lenses and a tripod stand, but it was designed in such a way that it can also carry the stuff which you need to be with you before going on a ride because it is being used by many riders for going on single has three types of closing and opening methods:

  • Buckle system to close the bag by the hook compression strap.
  • The clamshell to open and close the bag.
  • And the zipper.

You can open and lock the integer bag by going through these phases. The dimensions of the mission workshop integer gear bag are 13.75*10.25*3.75 inches. The internal capacity of the bag is 24 liters.

The clamshell contains two zip compartments on its inner surface. a water bottle pocket is present on one side of the bag. On the other side of the bag, it contains two pouches and a zip compartment back of the hook strap where you place your cell phone, keys, wallet, and other small necessary stuff.

The bottom of this bag also has a smooth zipper through which you have easy access to your stuff which shows that this gear bag has two places of opening. (up and down).it contains two bonus compartments that are detached from the bag and can be hooked through the compression strap with the original bag and these are :

  • Cell phone bonus pocket
  • Tools bonus compartment

it contains two straps for the shoulders through which you have easy access to both side pouches of the bag. the material used in the Mission workshop integer is HT 500 Nylon. The price of this bag is 540$.

The North Face Recon:

The weight of the north face recon is 1165grams and the price is 99$. the holding capacity of this bag is 30 liters. the specs of this bag are the same as that of a school bag with compression straps. you can lose and tight the straps from the hook.

it contains solid material on top, bottom, left, and right sides, and you cannot press and splash the bag from both of your hands or in cases if you are riding with this gear bag on the trails and suddenly you drop the ground, in case of falling it will not damage all of your internal necessary stuff because it contains a firm plate on its back and the has sternum straps.

it is divided into the following pockets on the outer surface:

  • Main compartment
  • Admin pocket
  • Mesh panel zipper pocket
  • small pocket for the keys, cell phone, and your wallet
  • Front kangaroo pocket
  • Small zipper pocket in the main compartment
  • Side pockets

the admin pocket ends in the middle of the bag. the length of the North Face Recon bag is 17 inches vertically and 13 inches horizontally(17 by 13).it also contains two compression straps horizontally on the backside along with the shoulder straps.



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