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10 OF The Best Mountain Bike Games For Mobile and Pc

Some of THE best mountain bike games that you should try even once in a lifetime, A fun way to enjoy while learning something new about mountain bikes every day.

I have listed all the best mountain bikes that you could enjoy in your free time

for those who wish to have Mtb games and computer games for playing in their free time just for fun or not to become bored. it does not depend on how old are you whether you are younger, elder, or a kid .mountain bike ride in real life may seem somehow tough but playing games is the most appreciated thing for those who have a lot of interest in mountain biking. I have discussed some of the best games of mobile and computer in this article and about the gaming skills which you should know about, before installing the new games.

here are the 10 best mountain bike PC android and ps4 games their sizes brief summary and information.

  • Downhill domination
  • Descenders
  • Steep
  • Bike mayhem
  • Riders republic
  • Lonely mountains
  • Touchgrind BMX
  • Bike unchanged 2
  • MTBFreeride

Downhill domination:

it is a free game it is an android game, the size of this game is 2 GB, if you have a mobile with 2-3 GB ram it should support it.

It is one of the best downhill racing games the graphics are good especially seeks much attention while watching on the screen. it’s not the game it’s an inspiration based on real happenings while playing this game you may think that you are riding on a real mountain bike. Wish to have a ride on your mountain bike developed by playing such a realistic game. Downhill domination had been the most popular game of every mountain bike lover in their childhood memories almost everyone played it.

The tracks are really to make you feel the same as that of the real riding on MTB bike on a single trail. It is not made for kids having easy levels might be tough in starting but after giving a little bit of time for a few days you can really enjoy had been among the best racing games ever played by gamers who wanted to play racing games.


it is a ps2 game also you can upgrade ps2 to ps4 but it will cost you highly roundabout 2100$, but still, the game is worth playing once in your lifetime try it out.

It is played on a graphic card and Xbox on a computer. it’s the best racing game that makes you feel like you are really on a single trail. the best thing about this game that ever gamers like the most is that it has multiplayer modes. you can have easy access to play and create fun with your friends. Most appreciated game with each and every stunt and trick which you can perform on a mountain bike in real.

It seems very excellent in playing you have to pay attention to the race and the bike handling to make the game a real ride. it needs a little bit of approvement and skills in the beginning but soon you will become a pro player.

it is one of the best computer games there are much more available but descender is the top listed among those all.

Descenders and shred 2 are the best PC mountain bike games.


it is an online game socially connected to all the world it is free game android phones do not support this game it is a PC game, size of this game is 6GB.

It’s a hugely wonderful and most fun game ever played by race lovers with an unlimited trails facility. Steep is a multimode game you can run your bike rider with your friends on the screen. It will give you a feeling of going downhill. this game is full of single trails with many town areas huge mountains besides this its updated versions are with each and everything according to your desire.

If you want to play a racing game full of mountains a single trails steep is the best game in which you can feel like you have been completely lost in the mountains with flowy trails. You can also play steep offline in this case you will lose the entrance of your buddies to run with you while offline.

Bike mayhem:

Bike mayhem is a free game it is an android game, size of the bike mayhem is 38MB. which should run on high graphics even on a 2 Gb ram and lower graphic support phones.

Is the best android game for those who love racing games. it contains good graphics with jumpy tracks and also feels like you crashed the bike in a realistic has a good acceleration system like you can run a bike on a high and a very high speed also the brakes are realistic besides this it contains each and every trick systems which you need to make fun while playing racing games.

A bike mayhem-free version is also available also you can purchase it so both choices are in front of you. it costs at 0.99$.its starting levels are too easy to pass but as soon as you will come to harder levels you can go through a few repetitions before completion. the tracks contain trees, roots, and the noises of those spectators you will hear when you reach the finish line.

Riders republic:

it is not a free game you have to buy it from Amazon or other sites it is a PC game price of the riders republic on amazon is 59$, size of the riders republic game is 26.16GB to install for your computer.

It is one of the craziest games I have played till now I am playing. the graphics are original and do not allow you to think of any lack of something in the gaming life. the bike is descending downward with a rider. you have an option to pedal your bike to increase the acceleration.

After going onward the straight downward trails become corners. with a little unconsciousness and you will crash the bike .its very hard to control the speed around the corners. the track is full of trees, forests, and a large number of mountains with huge jump places where you have a clear opportunity to flip back.

it does not contain just a single Mtb trail you are free to take your bike anywhere you want. it contains many rivers of flowy water you can have to cross the lake while riding. in the second level, you have to run your bike on the seashore and it brings much more pleasure to your thinking. I am recommending playing this game just a single time on your android and it brings addiction without playing it the next time.

Lonely mountains:

it is a free game it is an android game, size of the lonely mountain game is 1GB, Android phone with 2GB rams should easily run it.

It’s ever best sensational game with very grippy brakes. while riding on the trails pressing a little bit of front brake and your bike rider falls off on the surface. the camera seen is a little far from the biker it means you can feel a little bit of difference between your eyes and your bike rider of the game.

While going uphills if you do not apply a pushing force on the pedal for a single time, your bike comes back in the descending and the rider falls off. the speed of the bike remains slow because there are many large mountains and a single downward trail many chances to crash is a single-player mode game. lonely mountain game is most popular among teenagers from 12 to 20 years old.

Touchgrind BMX:

it is the most interesting free android game, the reason is that the bike is without any rider size of it is very small 1.83MB.

the bike needs your fingers to control it and run it along the twisted trails. It also contains many trails with very good graphics. the size of this game is 126MB available in the play store. it contains many downhills and uphill tracks you will cut off from the surroundings while playing this game. It contains many hollow pipes through which the bike will pass and fly in the environment.

Ever the best bicycle game in the gaming world .its different from the other biking games because it’s the most famous game ever played by racing lovers. the levels are easy to complete. The bike is easy to handle even with a single finger you can handle your bike and run it on the screen accurately.

Bike unchanged 2:

it is a free game it is an android game, every android version supports bike unchanged 2.

A most fantastic game with the rocky trails. in the beginning, it trains you by giving different lessons after that the game starts. after some seconds it tells you to limit your speed. it is a single rider game you may feel lonely by playing this game but if you want to train yourself then it is the best-recommended game. the levels are very easy to gives you bonuses besides this you are able to change the bike parts and you can change the shirt of your rider.

it has many different trails after completing the beginner levels your race starts with a stranger. Now if you want to boost up your bike change the parts in the setting option even you can change the tires of your bike .so this is not a simple game, it’s fantastic and amazing for bike lovers.


it is a free game it is a PC game, size of MTBFreeride game is 103MB.

Playing This game will fulfill your desire of riding a real Mtb bike because the graphics are exactly comparable to the real mountain biking trails. the steering rotation is good through which you can do backflips and frontflips it feels like you are riding on a real Mtb bike because the speed goes increasing in a down trail and the holding position of the steering is exactly the same as that of the real Mtb bike handlebar.

The graphics are exactly like your nearby towns or real forests when you run real Mtb through these trails containing large height trees, snowy mountains. going at a faster speed you can hear the sharp noise of the air. this game contains score after killing you will your scores on the screen.

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