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10 best Mountain bike chest and back protectors

The chest and back protector protects the ribs, chest, shoulder, backbone, collarbone from breaking or having serious injuries on the trails while riding on a mountain bike. research says that many pro riders including men and women have broken their ribs on the downhill trails as a result of accidents and when the bike goes out of their control. these protective gears are essential to wear if you want to save your upper body from having an injury or resting on the bed for more than 3 months.

We wear knee pads, helmets but more often due to lack of chest and back protective gears, we ignore to wear. we don’t know when and where accidents or crashes happen with us because these are instant, these cannot tell that prepare yourself and I am coming, accidents happen suddenly on the single hard and rocky trails.

Never think that what people and the other riders say about your wearing, always wear what your mind agrees with and what saves your body and your upper body bones. whereas the chest and back protectors are used to wear under the jerseys and shirts, no one would know about this packing. the main work of chest and back protector is that it saves your chest region which contains rib and your back which includes backbone and back-sided ribs. never miss them on the trails, like it provides extra confidence to your body and it clears that now even if you fall or if the handlebar hit your chest you will remain safe and your ribs remain safe by wearing them.

These are not heavyweight protective gears and do not feel when you wear them. these are made of plastic and their central area is thick and enough hard to absorb bumps, those bumps which your body does not bear if you are without them. these have different brands if you want to know the difference in brands then simply I could say that even the cheaper brand has more worth than a rider which is without the chest and back protective gears.

Although the expensive brands have more power to absorb much more hard bumps and save your chest and back from breaking the ribs. these gears do not shake and do not come up and down because it contains straps that work to fit them with your body and sides. these are mostly used by riders who do flips on the jumpy trails where mostly the risk and danger of falling and dropping happens.

Best chest and back protective gears for mountain biking:

  • IXS Carve
  • Dainese
  • Fox Racing Race Frame
  • POC VPD Back And Chest Protector
  • LEAT 3.5 Chest Protector
  • LEAT Brace 5.5 Pro HD Chest protector
  • Alpine Stars
  • Webetop Youth ATV chest Protector
  • Seahouse Adults Body Chest Spine Protector
  • O, Neal 1285 -004 Holeshot Chest Protector

These are the 10 best chest and back protectors for mountain bike riders used to wear on the hard trails. these are budget-friendly and properly fitted and adjusted on the back and front of your upper body. you can research about them ask your friends if you don’t have any experience with them and then but from amazon.

IXS Carve:

The price of the IXS Carve protector is 100.83$ and it comes in a single black color. It is one of the most popular chest and back protectors famous for its comfort zone. the protection is the same as that of the other gears but it gives double comfortability while wearing them on the chest and you are riding as compared to the other chest is used to give protection to your upper body region for both trail and enduro rides.

The jersey of this company is soft and contains protective plastic material for the chest and back region. the plastic protective material contains holes through which the air easily passes inside and outside. the plastic is much more durable to absorb bumps but it would not irritate you and do not cause any trouble when you wear it. the back plastic protective gear is long in length enough to provide complete protection from the back neck and the lower backbone does not matter if you are 6 feet or a few inches higher in height, the IXS Carve jersey will fit precisely on your back place.

the jersey has two spaces for both of your shoulders where you can easily insert the pads to cover both shoulders and it also has two elbow places where you can insert two elbow pads to give protection to your elbow has different sizes available in the market.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Medium Large
  • Large

The cloth material used in this jersey is soft and tightened, sticks to your upper body when you wear it. always wear another jersey or suit above it because the outer surface of this gear is soft, in case any long grown tree branches or bushes would touch this protective gear it may tear and cut. so it is necessary to wear another jersey above this protective gear.

Dainese Chest Protector:

The price of the medium-large Dainese Pro Armor Waistcoat Man is 134.95$ and it comes in black and grey color. Dainese has more than a single version which includes G1 and G2 protectors. you can easily notice the difference in the size of the front chest plastic protectors. the new versions have a small chest protector of plastic and the old versions have a large.

these include a back protector made of plastic and the width of the back protector is a little bit more than that of the IXC is ventilated fully so that the air reaches the back of your body and your back does not become wet due to sweat pouring. the breathing capacity from the surface holes of these protective gears is 43%.

the surface holes are hexagon-shaped with 6 sides making a cluster of these hexagons. the material used in these gears is flexible rubber and easily is much more durable as compared to the IXC carve protective gear.

the other good thing about these protectors is that they are flat and not curved on the ends. they would exactly fit on the beach, shoulders, and chest region.

for Ladies:

G1 Dianese chest and back protective gear. (2 inches smaller than the men’s G1 protector)


  • D1 Dainese chest and back protective gear
  • D2 Dainese Chest and back protective gear
  • G1 Dainese chest and back protective gear
  • G2 chest and back protective gear


If you never bought your body-sized Dainese then it will cause trouble in wearing on your chest and back.

Fox Racing Race Frame:

The Price of the Fox Racing Raceframe Roost Motocross Chest Guard is 110$ Fox company has three types of chest and back protective armors for covering the upper is usually different from the above two protective gears because the rubber which gives protection in the back, chest, and shoulders is attached to the does not contain its own jersey system where the rubber and plastic would be inserted, it is open from the sides and neck contains straps through which it is easily locked and unlocked.

it contains two lower straps that resist the movement of this gear when you lock them. the back protection length is also small and does not cover the lower backbone region. the front chest protection just covers your rib area and does not cover your shoulders. the shape and design of making exactly match the same as that of the security guard bulletproof jackets. fox company is famous for the durability of its products. it is long-lasting and does not break or fractured while having crashes or accidents on the trails.

it is a little bit heavier in weight and it also contains shoulder straps through which you can easily wear them on both shoulders.

Most people buy them because of their easy installation on the body and easily uninstalled by unlocking the shoulder and lower straps.


  • Back
  • White
  • Red
  • light Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow

POC VPD Back And Chest Protector:

The Price of the POC VPD back system is from 160$ to 265$ and the color is black. It does not contain any jacket contains slightly big holes for ventilation but the number of holes is fewer as compared to the above protective gears. the back region of plastic protection of POC is taller in length, it is suitable for more than 6 feet height fully covers the backbone till the neck contains six straps, two on the shoulder region and four on the lower right and left side(2/2)

it has the other big advantage the chest and back protector are easily removable and you can easily wear the back protector for your backbone without wearing the chest protector. you can lock the straps of the backbone without using the chest protector.

it is divided into three parts:

  • Chest protector
  • Back protector
  • The straps

the plastic of these POC VPD is hard and long-lasting. the back rubber has large holes of an inch size. if you want to protect your shoulders, ribs, and collar bone then it is not a suitable product because these parts of your body remain naked and IXS Carve would be a better option for covering your shoulder, collar bone, and ribs.

The chest protector has a few holes and is not ventilated properly that’s why you can skip the chest protector and simply buy a back protector of the POC VPD company from amazon. the chest protector has the following sequence of holes.

  • 6 holes on the right side
  • 6 holes on the left side
  • two holes with a size of more than a single inch below the straps places

so the total number of holes is 12 but including the two straps holes, we can say 14 which is not enough to give the ventilation process in summer seasons.



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